Pool Party Massacre

Pool Party Massacre "Throat Slit" Lunchbox

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Everybody has to eat lunch, it's the third most important meal of the day, so why not look super cool while your doing it. Thats right, this Pool Party Massacre "Throat Slit" lunchbox is pretty much the coolest lunch box ever. Or at least the coolest lunch box that has LeeAnna Vamp getting her throat slit on it...ever. 

(lunch box is 8"w x 6"h x 4"d)

(may not be deemed appropriate for some schools, well probably any schools, all schools, maybe even college. But if your in college you probably shouldn't be worried about whether or not the administration is gonna approve of your lunch, you should be worried about what the hell you are gonna do with your life...after lunch. So act like an adult, buy this lunchbox, and be somebody)